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Light into Energy

True Energy Efficiency - focused light converted into cell energy

The RevLight Skincare Systems low level light passes through the skin down into the deep layers underneath the dermis and into the deep muscle tissue.  The wavelengths of light are absorbed by light receptors in the cell.  There, the energy carried by the light is converted into cellular energy by increasing the efficiency of the process by which a living cell produces energy.  Not only is there an increase in the efficiency of cellular energy production, but absorption by other light receptors results in increased lifespan for your living cells.

The combination of the bio-effective pulsation frequencies, increased efficiency in cell energy production, immediate increase in blood flow, increased fibroblast production, and the number of varied biological effects is why the RevLight Skincare Systems are the best treatment for your practice.  

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The RevLight Skincare Systems utilize LED light at
420nm Blue, 590nm Amber, 625nm Red, and 940nm IR