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RevLight, Rev-Light, Model 1029, Model 1030, compliments and enhances current facial protocols

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About Us

SubCon Manufacturing Corporation is the manufacturer of the RevLight Skincare System, that has been sold under the Revitalight brand for many years.  

Our company has more than 40 years of manufacturing experience.  Since 2004, we have been providing RevLight Skincare System professional grade LED light therapy equipment to health spas, and salons.  The RevLight Skincare System has a proven record of superior performance, utilizing patented and proprietary technology that goes beyond just providing LED light.

The Model 1029 is tested and UL cleared for safety and as such, has undergone stringent reviews to guarantee the safety of your clients and practicioners.  Also, the Model 1029 has disposable pulsator treatment head covers for excellent hygiene protocols. 

The Model 1030 compliments and enhances your current facial protocols.  The Model 1030 offers a single, full face panel with one button operation to switch from Red to Blue, and is Hands free operation.  
It is the perfect compliment to the personalized treatment provided by the Model 1029.  Used either pre or post treatment to provide an overall application area, allows your highly trained personnel more time to concentrate on a clients specific problem areas.  One button selects either the Red or Blue light.  The Model 1030 is also perfect for low overhead maintenance treatments.